Welcome to Music Intelligentsia

Music Intelligentsia

Welcome to Music Intelligentsia.

Music Intelligentsia emanates from a desire to examine all the pieces of the very complex puzzle that has become the current arena of intellectual property, particularly copyright. There continue to be many passionately divided interests among the players in this dizzying evolution of the IP space. Creators v. tech companies. Analog v. digital. Property rights v. internet access. Consumers v. corporations. Copyright v. trademark. Past v. future.

Music Intelligentsia invites all involved and interested parties to the table in the search for commonality – not only creators in different fields, be they music creators, filmmakers, photographers, authors, video game designers, and so many more, but publishers, distributors, consumers, tech giants, tech lovers, music fans, startups, legislators, leaders, the media.

Instead of slinging arrows, we sling questions, probing past the rhetoric to the possibilities, and positing solutions rather than complaints.

There will always be viewpoints, for sure, but those will be clearly presented as such.

The philosophy of Music Intelligentsia is that the more questions there are, the more answers there are, and more are the possibilities they might intersect and create an improved and cooperative map forward.