Kids Copyright and Conversation

Kids Copyright and Conversation

A periodic series just talking with kids to see where their interests, behaviors, and understanding intersect or diverge. No judgments, but perhaps some insights into where opportunities to connect and educate might be…

Elliott is 10 years old. He’s been gaming since he was 5. It is his passion. His parents keep a watchful eye on whether and when it’s occupying too much of his time and attention. On the other hand, they provided the constructive opportunity for him to start learning game design. Watch:

Here Elliott talks about copyright. He’s aware, but a little fuzzy:

Elliott talks about fan theory and ROM hacks in a very matter-of-fact way; however, it remains a very controversial gray area regarding copyright infringement:

While zooming through a castle, which Elliott considers his most creative build in Minecraft, he talks a bit more about hacking. See what he thinks:

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