Kids Copyright and Conversation


A periodic series just talking with kids to see where their interests, behaviors, and understanding intersect or diverge. No judgments, but perhaps some insights into where opportunities to connect and educate might be… Elliott is 10 years old. He’s been gaming since he was 5. It is his passion. His parents keep a watchful eye on whether and when it’s occupying too much of his time and attention. On the other hand, they provided the constructive opportunity for him to start learning game design. Watch:Here Elliott talks about copyr … [Read more...]

Intelligentsia Round-Up – Fair Use

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Fair Use by Google Books? Fair Use by GoldieBlox? Is copyright law being turned on its already-spinning head? Music Intelligentsia presents the commentary of 10 highly regarded experts regarding this important and controversial issue.For quick reference, please use the links below to go directly to a particular commentary.Contents Dennis Dreith(Music Composer, Orchestrator, Advocate) Amanda Harcourt(International IP Consultant) Casey Rae(Interim Executive Director, Future of Music Coalition) Charles J. Sanders(Outside General … [Read more...]

An Interview with Alfons Karabuda


Alfons Karabuda is the President of ECSA (European Composer and Songwriter Alliance), which is comprised of 40 organizations representing professional composers and songwriters of all genres in 22 European countries. ECSA’s principle mission is “to defend and promote the rights of music writers at a European and international level by legal means and to also advocate for equitable commercial conditions for composers and songwriters.” Karabuda is also Chairman of the Swedish Society of Popular Music Composers and Chairman of the Polar Music Prize … [Read more...]

An Interview with Blake Morgan

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Blake Morgan is a New York-based songwriter/artist/label owner who gained additional attention when his pointed email exchange with Pandora CEO Tim Westergren, published in the Huffington Post, went viral. MI sat down with Morgan to discuss that, Mel Watt’s recently proposed Free Market Royalty Act, and the many other issues surrounding it all. Look for a few clips of Blake’s music at the end of the interview.In reading the interview, if you prefer to skip to Morgan’s take on a particular subject, please click the desired link, below. Or, j … [Read more...]

Welcome to Music Intelligentsia


Welcome to Music Intelligentsia. Music Intelligentsia emanates from a desire to examine all the pieces of the very complex puzzle that has become the current arena of intellectual property, particularly copyright. There continue to be many passionately divided interests among the players in this dizzying evolution of the IP space. Creators v. tech companies. Analog v. digital. Property rights v. internet access. Consumers v. corporations. Copyright v. trademark. Past v. future.Music Intelligentsia invites all involved and interested … [Read more...]