An Interview With Cary Sherman – Part 1

cary at piano

RIAA’s Cary Sherman talks the Industry, Piracy, the DMCA, Google, Internet Radio, Terrestrial Performance Right in Sound Recordings, the Cultural Divide, and more.Recording Industry Association of America CEO Cary Sherman has been in the music industry for forty roller-coaster years. And now, Part 1.In reading the interview, if you prefer to skip to Sherman’s take on a particular subject, please click the desired link, below. Or, just enjoy the read.Audio clips are interspersed throughout.Contents The Record Industry – Then … [Read more...]

Intelligentsia Round-Up – Fair Use

round up-2 final

Fair Use by Google Books? Fair Use by GoldieBlox? Is copyright law being turned on its already-spinning head? Music Intelligentsia presents the commentary of 10 highly regarded experts regarding this important and controversial issue.For quick reference, please use the links below to go directly to a particular commentary.Contents Dennis Dreith(Music Composer, Orchestrator, Advocate) Amanda Harcourt(International IP Consultant) Casey Rae(Interim Executive Director, Future of Music Coalition) Charles J. Sanders(Outside General … [Read more...]

An Interview with David Israelite


“While there is a lot of talk right now about a broad copyright modernization, I’m not optimistic it can get done any time in the near future, just because there are so many diverse interests and very dug-in positions about copyright.” David Israelite is the President/CEO of the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA), which is the principal trade association for the American music publishing industry. With over 3000 members, representing more than 85% of music compositions, NMPA engages in advocacy, on behalf of the music publishing commu … [Read more...]