Intelligentsia Round-Up – Net Neutrality

round up-2 final

Should ISPs like Verizon and ATT be able to command price-tiering of online services, as well as other types of discriminatory and blocking behavior? Would the results be helpful or hopeless for the creative community?A Federal Court very recently struck down the FCC’s “Open Internet Order,” paving the way for renewed debate about the highly controversial issue of Net Neutrality. Complexity reigns, propaganda abounds, but who are the real winners and losers, if this ruling remains intact?Below, you will find some insightful, layered, and … [Read more...]

Kids Copyright and Conversation


A periodic series just talking with kids to see where their interests, behaviors, and understanding intersect or diverge. No judgments, but perhaps some insights into where opportunities to connect and educate might be… Elliott is 10 years old. He’s been gaming since he was 5. It is his passion. His parents keep a watchful eye on whether and when it’s occupying too much of his time and attention. On the other hand, they provided the constructive opportunity for him to start learning game design. Watch:Here Elliott talks about copyr … [Read more...]