Welcome to Music Intelligentsia


Welcome to Music Intelligentsia. Music Intelligentsia emanates from a desire to examine all the pieces of the very complex puzzle that has become the current arena of intellectual property, particularly copyright. There continue to be many passionately divided interests among the players in this dizzying evolution of the IP space. Creators v. tech companies. Analog v. digital. Property rights v. internet access. Consumers v. corporations. Copyright v. trademark. Past v. future.Music Intelligentsia invites all involved and interested … [Read more...]

An Interview with David Israelite


“While there is a lot of talk right now about a broad copyright modernization, I’m not optimistic it can get done any time in the near future, just because there are so many diverse interests and very dug-in positions about copyright.” David Israelite is the President/CEO of the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA), which is the principal trade association for the American music publishing industry. With over 3000 members, representing more than 85% of music compositions, NMPA engages in advocacy, on behalf of the music publishing commu … [Read more...]